Monday, February 29, 2016

Bible Quiet Book: Armor of God

Well, this is my last blog post about my Bible quiet book! I'm glad you came along with me on this journey, and I hope you are inspired to make your own sometime soon.

The last page we'll look at is the Armor of God. I saw a lot of ideas on the internet for this particular theme, but I still chose to create my own template.

This was one of my last pages, and I must say I was getting a little lazy and hurried in my production. I ended up mostly gluing the pieces together and not doing much sewing. However, I've already had some issues with the pieces coming apart, so I encourage you to take the time to do it right. Just a few well placed stitches can make a huge difference on the long-term durability of the pieces.

Here are my templates.

Here are the coloring pages I used to make my templates. I used the pieces of armor I liked best from a couple different coloring pages.


Bible Quiet Book: Peter Fishing

Hello again!

Here's another page that my children adore. I didn't create the original template. I got it here. However, I added Jesus watching on the shore to my page, so I will include the Jesus template at the bottom of this post.

My kids are really into fish, so this page is a lot of fun for them. I used some mesh ribbon for the net. It is starting to really stretch out though, so I recommend that if you do the same, weave some thread through the upper edge to make it a bit more sturdy.

Here is the Jesus template. (I have to apologize on this template. It blew up to take up the whole page when I scanned it. You'll need to shrink it in order for it to be the right size. Again, sorry!)

Bible Quiet Book: Ruth

This was another Bible story page that I created on my own.

Here is Ruth gleaning grain in the field and Boaz is watching from a distance.

Ruth can come free from the page and walk around gathering sheaths from the field.

Here are my templates.

I cannot find the original coloring page I used as inspiration. Sorry!

This page was fairly simple to make. Hope you try it!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bible Quiet Book: the Samaritan Woman and Jesus

I was very pleased with how this page turned out. The details are really nice. This page depicts the scene of Jesus talking with the Samaritan woman at the well.

A basket of water can be lifted from inside the well.

I added the bird at the last minute and decided to make it snap off for additional play.

Here are my templates.

And yes, I used some coloring pages to help create this template.
Coloring page of well
Coloring page of whole scene

Bible Quiet Book: Baby Moses

Here is another page from my quiet book featuring baby Moses in the basket and Pharaoh's daughter.

This picture shows the details on the basket.

The baby snaps out of the basket. I left the Pharaoh's daughter's hand unglued so she could hold the baby. My little daughter especially likes to play with this page.

For the reeds, I just made block templates. After cutting out the block, you can then finely cut the individual grasses. Here are my templates. 

Here is the original coloring page

Bible Quiet Book: Rahab and the Spies

Hello again! Yes, I'm going all out on the posts today. :)

I'm excited to share with you this next quiet book page. Again, I saw no ideas on the internet for this, so just created my own template from a coloring page. (Have I mentioned how helpful coloring pages were to me for creating this whole project? They were invaluable, which is why I always try to share the ones that helped me. You can either use the templates I created from them or use the coloring pages to make your own designs!)

So here is my Rahab and the spies page.

She can hide the spies under the straw on the roof.

All hidden! They can escape out the window with the red cord. 

I didn't include templates for simple things like the moon and the torch. They were pretty easy to design and make on your own. Here are my templates.

Here is the coloring page

Bible Quiet Book: Jesus' Death, Burial, and Resurrection

Here is the last two page spread I designed. I really wanted to include this theme in my quiet book but couldn't find any ideas, so I just created them myself based off coloring pages for the tomb and ascension and my own imagination for the rest.

As a last minute addition, I sewed in three flower buttons behind the bush by the tomb. I tell my children that it signifies the three days Jesus was in the grave, but they are flowers because of God's promise that He would raise His Son from the dead!

I sewed in a strip of white cloth for the grave clothes that Jesus was wrapped in at His burial.

Here is the tomb closed up with the rock. I thought about creating a soldier that would be uncovered when you moved the rock, but it felt like a lot of additional work and I was anxious to keep moving on this project, so that idea eventually got ruled out. Maybe you can add it to yours!

Here is the resurrection page. Jesus ascends into Heaven on a cord. I should have created more disciples, but again, time restraints kept these details to a minimum.

I was grateful for the many opportunities I had to share about Jesus with my children as they watched me work on these pages. It was well worth the effort to create these pages just for that blessing alone.

Here are my templates.

Here are the coloring pages that started my creative juices flowing.

Bible Quiet Book: Noah's Ark

Well, it's been awhile since I posted here. I know... I'm sorry. Life got really busy for us for a time, but we are settled into routine again and I am starting to clean off the projects piled on my desk. One of those projects is to finish blogging about my Bible quiet book and to share my templates with you.

So here comes another great page . . . Noah's Ark!

This was the last page I did and it was one of the easiest. I have access to some really cute, really cheap hand crocheted animals here, so I didn't bother creating any animals for the inside of the Ark. My kids LOVE this page...

Here are the templates I created for the page... pretty basic stuff. My husband had a great suggestion for installing the zipper on the Ark. I actually just sewed it to the back of my fabric and then cut the slit for the zipper after stitching it all the way around. It worked great!


For the life of me, I cannot find the original coloring sheet that inspired my design of this page. I have it pinned on my Pinterest board here, but it doesn't take me directly to the picture anymore. Hope you enjoy these templates!