Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update 3 on Bible Quiet Book


Okay, sorry... just had to get that out.

I'm so excited to say that just finished my last page. All my pages turned out really well, and I'm so excited to get to share them with you soon.

All I have left to do is to bind the book somehow and make the cover. I'll be taking a trip downtown soon to get the final supplies I'll be needing.

A look back at my blog shows me I started planning this project in February and now it is almost finished, 5 months later. Can't wait to get it bound so we can take it to church for our "maiden voyage," although the kids have been playing with individual pages for quite awhile now.

So, hang in there a little longer. Once I complete the book, I will be blogging like crazy, giving detailed instructions, templates, and pictures to show you how you can do what I did!