Saturday, March 21, 2015

Update on Bible Quiet Book

So, I'm excited to share with you that I finally made it this week to the fabric store. My friend and I are both making quiet books, so she and I went downtown to a store that she really likes.

There, I bought all sorts of fun stuff and I am so excited about the ideas for some of my pages.

Look at all those lovely, bright colors!

I think I bought way too much felt for just this project, but that's okay. I have several other quiet books I want to make, so I'll have some for those as well. It was hard for me to estimate how much I'd use.

I'm still working on my templates, so I'm not yet ready to start cutting. But progress has been made and I can't wait to continue. Stay with me folks; this will be fun!

Photography Challenge Week 5

Out of Focus

Thursday, March 12, 2015


We have had a lot of sickness in the house recently. All three of our children were sick at the same time with a cold, but our oldest child had a fever that spiked to 104 multiple times over a 48 hour time period. I'm not one to rush to the doctor as soon as my children show any signs of sickness. But after two days of high fevers, we finally took him in and sure enough, he had a bacterial infection of his tonsils. The antibiotics gave him relief almost immediately.

But during all this time, I spent all my time (night and day) nursing sick little ones. The nights were the hardest. My husband and I would be up every ten minutes sometimes, taking care of one child or another. And during those sleepless hours, feeling their foreheads to judge how high the fever was and just laying next to them to comfort them, I reminded myself of what my parents had done for me.

I can recall so many times when I was sick at home, how comforting it was to me to have my mother or father with me. Even as an adult, I greatly appreciated having my mom check on me throughout the day. My dad, too, would always check in on me before he left for work and one of the first things he'd do when he got home was come see how I was feeling and how the day had gone for me.

My dad's theory was that the best way to tell a temperature was to put your forehead on the forehead of the sick person. It was much more accurate than a hand touch, he'd say. I can't tell you how comforting that was to me, having him lay his forehead on mine, risking contact with some infectious bug in order to feel my fever. His presence or my mom's there with me was more comforting to me than anything else.

So in the dark hours when my own children cried out for some comfort, despite my own exhaustion, I would go. Knowing that my presence with them, my touch on their skin, was more helpful and more comforting to them than a thousand milliliters of Tylenol.

Just like the Lord's presence is a comfort to me in my darkest hours. His touch, His presence near me is the greatest comfort to me. I'm so grateful I have a loving Father near to me that comforts me in my sorrow and affliction. And He gives me the grace to comfort others with the same comfort that I have been given. Time and time again.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Denim Skirt Project

Hi everyone!

I'm happy and excited to announce that I got my sewing machine, thanks to a very generous anniversary gift from my parents. I actually got it last week, but we've been battling nasty colds here, so this is the first opportunity I've had to post about it. I'm not an expert seamstress by any means, so I just played around on the machine to begin with, learning the settings and the stitches.

And then, a couple nights ago, I had a dream. A dream in which I made my daughter a cute little denim skirt. I woke up yesterday determined to do just that. I wish I would have taken the "before" picture... some old jeans of my eldest boy's. I didn't, however, so you'll just have to look at the finished project.

I followed the tutorial here. They were very thorough, easy to follow instructions. The only changes I made were that I didn't insert a panel into the front of the skirt and I didn't do the typical jean topstitching to finish off the project. I regret not putting in the extra panel, as it ended up being a little too tight around the hem. It's definitely wearable as it is, especially right now, but as she gets bigger, I might have to go back and add the panel. Still, all told, I'm happy with how the project turned out.