Monday, September 21, 2015

Bible Quiet Book: Joseph

Here is my next template for you to try. This page is Joseph and several changes of outfits. I saw a lot of ideas for Joseph and his coat of many colors on the internet. But I decided to take this page one step further.

Joseph has four outfits: one for each season of his life.
1. He has his coat of many colors for when he is at home with his father and brothers.
2. He has a simple outfit for when he is Potiphar's slave.
3. He has a poor outfit with chains on his wrists for when he is in prison.
4. He has a elegant outfit for when he is second in command in Egypt.

My original template for Joseph came from this coloring page.

This page was fairly simple to make. Here's my template.
Joseph Template

(Disclaimer: I'm not an artist. These templates are imperfect, but usable. You might want to make slight adjustments to make them a bit more perfect.)